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Over 150 unique face yoga contents prepared by professionals. 7-day free plan, 45-day truly personalized plan, no ads, no scams.

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Most Probably You Are Getting Best Face Yoga App Ever

Facebuilding offers you a detailed and personalized program based on 6 different areas of your target. The artificial intelligence in the app can create a 45-day custom face yoga program to offer a healthier and fresher look based on your gender and area selection.

Basic Plan

When you enter the application, you can try our 7-day free plan, completely created by professionals, before creating a personal plan.

Personal Plan

If you like the Facebuilding App, you can start creating your 45-day personal plan with over 150 premium content and personalized to your choices.

User Experience

Most Probably Best User Experience Ever

We know that there are countless face yoga applications on the market. We also tried these applications. But we saw a lot of missing and problems. That's why we created an app by real users with other users in mind.

At Facebuilding, we see users not as customers, but as individuals we value. That's why we don't show non-free content under the name free in the app. The entire 7-day plan is free with no limits. We do not put ads and disturb users. We have prepared the application interface design simply and professionally.

No Ads

There are no ads that will bother you constantly and that you can't skip. We did not include ads to be clicked right and left, misleading you. We tried to offer a simple and premium experience without ads.

Detailed Plans

With no scam, Facebuilding includes the free plan. If you like the application, you can subscribe for your personal plan with 150+ premium content created by our artificial intelligence.

Cool Design

It is important for us that your eyes also enjoy when you enter and use the application. That's why we designed every detail of Facebuilding with our expert design team.

Fully Secured

You do not need to create an account to use the application. The information is synchronized with your device. Thus, we provide 100% trust.

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Our Plans

No Hidden Charge Applied, Choose Your Plan

Basic Plan

Try Facebuilding Before You Buy

Free Plan
  • Completely Free
  • 30+ Premium Content
  • 7 Days Challenge
  • Free Support
  • No Ads
  • Video Narration
  • Voice Instruction
  • Subtitled Instruction
  • High User Experience
  • 100% Safe

Personal Plan

Change Your Life

Paid Plan
  • 150+ Premium Content
  • Personalized Plan by AI
  • 45 Days Challenge
  • Free Support
  • No Ads
  • Video Narration
  • Voice Instruction
  • Subtitled Instruction
  • High User Experience
  • 100% Safe
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